Vero Vox

“Vero Vox” is a proprietary software program originally developed in the United States and revised in Japan, that interprets your personal condition and tendencies, using your own unique vocal frequencies as the analytic medium.  The patterns of how you think and behave, both consciously and subconsciously, are presented in a graphic form that highlight your dominant and less dominant characteristics.  It also shows how you gather information and how your learning style affects how you interact with others, either positively or negatively.  Some of us learn primarily through hearing, others are visual learners and another group engages their sense of touch in learning.  As we react with others who have different learning styles it can lead to misunderstanding and confusion in our interactions in the workplace, in parent/child relationships and in human relationships in general.  Once we understand our own tendencies we can learn to balance them and be more aware of how our communication and learning style affects others and how we in turn affect others, both positively and negatively. even though our belief is we are acting with good will in our communication.

By speaking some sentences into a computer laptop microphone, the Vero Vox software program will interpret various personality and physical conditions that can be interpreted by a trained technician to provide your own unique personality profile along with your dominant learning and communication style..