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Philadelphia event April 26

ヨーロッパで大成功した公演に続いてエキサイティングなイベントがアメリカで初めて開催されます。この「Vanishing Goddess 古(いにしえ)の女神/日本の歴史を司る女性たち」は、太古の昔から現在に至るまで、日本女性が日本の歴史の中で果たしてきた役割を国際的な芸術写真家の山口直哉からエキサイティングなプレゼンテーションを通して学ぶだけでなく、着物やヘアスタイルのライブショー、メイクアップのデモンストレーション、日本の音楽を文化的なアーティストやミュージシャンのチームが演奏するなど、目で耳で楽しめる日本芸術のエンターテイメントイベントです。


DreamQuest Records (www.dreamquestrecords.com) is hosting a unique Musical, Art and Intercultural Show at the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27 (both performances will be at 3pm). The theme is The History of Femininity in Japan, stretching back from Modern times to the Johmon Era. Vanishing Goddess will include historical oversight, original photography, a video presentation, an original musical score performed throughout the show, sung duets in Japanese and English as well as performers dressed in exquisite high fashion Kimonos.

The original creator of the show, Mr. Naoya Yamaguchi and his wife Chikako Takaki, will bring their team from Japan to facilitate the educational, cultural exchange and kimono demonstrations that are featured in the show. Their travel is sponsored by the Japan Foundation. This is the first time it will be presented in the United States. The photograph from the facing page and the photographs below are from prior shows in Italy. Mr. Yamaguchi is a greatly acclaimed international photographer who works for the leading high fashion magazines in Japan, as well as being the principal photographer for Miss Japan and Miss Universe, and whose original photographic work is featured in Art Galleries across the world.

The Philadelphia show will add an exciting musical component to an already fascinating and elaborate event. DreamQuest Records Musical Director Clay Sears who performs with Jay Z, Rihanna and Janet Jackson, is a world class musician and producer across the entire musical spectrum from the Classical repetoire clear through to the realm of the Mega Pop Star. Clay will create an original theme/soundtrack for the show that will span the musical genre of ancient Japanese music through to modern times. He will be working with the Japanese singer Kumiko (www.dreamquestsound.com) and the celebrated international Classical pianist Yukino Kano (www.musicscape.net/musicians/yukinoj.html). In addition to singing some traditional Japanese songs and some of her own compositions in the “prayer genre”, Kumiko will sing in character as Himiko from Ancient Times, Shirabyoushi in the 12th century and an Oiran from the Edo Period. Clay will also collaborate with James MacFarlane, who is a popular singer/songwriter who performs in his own unique ZenCeltic style. James will act as MC and English translator for the presentation in Japanese by Mr. Yamaguchi.

We expect the show will be well received by both local audiences and people of Japanese heritage living in the Tri-State area; given the very unique format that includes both historical interest, high art, world class musical presentations and Japanese traditional fashion. The event is being held at the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia (www.moore.edu) which is the first and only Women’s College for visual arts in the United States and makes it a most appropriate venue for this event.

Yamaguchi山口直也 : Photographer、ディーバ・ユニゾン社代表取締役社長、日本国際文化協会会員、NPS会員、アートディレクター、講演担当(作品解説)、写真撮影担当

法律学修士(早稲田大学)、ユング心理学・犯罪学専攻。撮影マネジメントを写真家平野邦男氏に師事。行動評価論を須々木主一教授に師事。1994(平成6)年 「スタジオ☆ディーバ」(商業フォトグラフ撮影スタジオ)を立ち上げ経営、現在に至る。


Vanishing Goddess The History of Femininity in Japan takaki高木寸子: ヘアメイクディレクター、ディーバ・ユニゾン社専務取締役、統括マネージャー、講演担当、ヘアメイク・スタイルディレクター、着付担当中央大学法学部卒・早稲田大学犯罪学研究会にて研究活動。「高橋圭三プロダクション」の所属アナウンサーとして活動、同時に映像用ヘアメイクを習得。1994(平成6)年 「スタジオ☆ディーバ」を山口と共に立ち上げ経営、現在に至る。朝日新聞社の要請により就職活動セミナーを行い年間数千人の学生達を指導。「ノンバーバルコミュニケーションとしてのメイクアップ」を提唱。
Studio Diva / The Japonism 国際交流基金サイト (https://www.studio-diva.net/the_japonism/index.html)

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Philadelphia event April 26