– Pianist

Born in Japan, pianist Yukino Kano began playing the piano at the age of six.

In 2002, she won the First Prize in the ‘Dorothy MacKenzie Piano Competition’ in New York. Shortly afterwards she performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall (Weill Recital Hall) with other distinguished pianists. She has also received awards at many International Competitions such as the 3rd Prize at the Lagny sur Marne International Piano competition, 5th Prize at Calabria International Competition among other prestigious awards.

Yukino graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London with first class honours on her BMus and finished her study at the same Academy with an MA in 2009.

She has performed in many countries, including the U.K. (With performances including Colston Hall and St.Martin-in-the-Fields), in Austria (Salzburg Palace), Lithuania, the United States, India and in her home country of Japan including solo works and chamber music ensembles. Her Debut Album ‘Debussy Works 1′ was released in 2012.

第2回ラニー国際ピアノ・コンクールで第3位受賞、第16回カラブリア国際ピアノ・コンクールで第5位受賞、第9回エトリンゲ ン国際コ ンクールにてファイナリスト、奨励賞、及びハイドン賞を受賞。2006年より国内でコンサート活動を本格的に開始し、デビュー・リサイタル「Dance」の様子は産経新聞で大きく取り上げられ好評を博した。チェリストの向山佳絵子氏や山崎伸子氏など室内楽で日本を代表する演奏家との共演を果たしている他、ドビュッシーのソロ活動にも力を入れており2012年にデビューアルバム「Debussy Piano WorksⅠ」が発売された。.