– Co-founder / Singer /Songwriter

Clay Sears, Guitarist for Mega-Stars Jay Z and Janet Jackson, says – “It is a distinct pleasure and a breath of fresh musical air to accompany Kumiko on her unique and inspiring songs.  She touches the heart of the listener in a way few artists are able.  I am excited to continue working with her in the Studio to craft wonderful melodies to match her beautiful voice and moving lyrics.”

She studied classical singing in Japan, The United States, England and Singapore. She has been singing Japanese, Italian and French art songs, as well as Arias from the Operatic repertoire for more than 40 years. During her career, she has mastered a variety of singing methods including Bel Canto, the Alexander Technique, Voice Healing Techniques and the Tomatis Method.  She started song writing seriously in 2008 and has created a new music genre, “Folk Opera” – singing with a voice utilising the Tomatis method.  Her Tomatis voice includes many overtones where the vibrations she generates have a therapeutic effect on her audience helping heal the body, mind and soul.  Kumiko has been working to release her own CD – “Prayer” – with Producers and Engineers in Recording Studios in New York and on the slopes of Mt. Fuji in Japan.  Her compilation of Prayer Songs will be released soon.

She is CEO of DreamQuest Sound, LLC in Japan (www.dreamquestsound.com).  Along with her music activity as a singer and a songwriter, she is a professional Corporate Trainer and a Lecturer at a university college and graduate school.  She specializes in training Human Development, Mission/Vision development, Intercultural Communication, Leadership, Team Building. As well as Mentoring and Emotional Intelligence Coaching. She is also performing Integrative Voice Consulting which features Voice Analysis and Voice Training to integrate the heart, body and mind of her clients so that they can find their real voice.

日本、米国、英国、シンガポールにて声楽の指導を受ける。イタリア歌曲、フランス歌曲、日本歌曲、オペラ・アリアの歌唱暦40年。2008年からソングライティングを始め、フォークオペラという新しいミュージック・ジャンル創りに取り組んでいる。ベルカント、アレキサンダー・テクニーク、ヴォイスヒーリング・テクニークによる発声法を習得後、トマティス・メソッドによる発声法に出会う。トマティス発声法は骨導の響きを大切にし、その歌声や話し声には1/f のゆらぎと、響きの成分である倍音が豊富にふくまれている。そのため聴き手に癒しをもたらす。全曲自作曲であるCD 「祈り」を制作中。

音楽活動とともにDreamQuest Sound社社長として、「声の研究」及び「心と心を繋ぐコミュニケーション教育」の専門化として注目を浴びている。