Who We Are


Pondering our dreams is a universal preoccupation.


It keeps us motivated as we reach for the stars always trying to achieve the hidden desires that keep our hearts on fire. Having studied the piano from an early age, James MacFarlane has lived for fifty years with the songs that have lingered inside of him before finally letting them out to find their true voice. In bringing to life his unique melodies and lyrics on his debut album “Sovereign Voice”, James has realized a lifelong dream for himself.

It is a testimony to what can be achieved if you have a determined spirit to succeed. While he is the driving force behind this compilation, he is most grateful to all of the wonderfully talented music professionals who have brought their creativity and enthusiasm to this intriguing musical treatise. The album is an eclectic mix of world sounds and rhythms, given the wide variety of stylistic and cultural influences interwoven into the musical arrangement. You will hear echoes of Celtic and Japanese traditional folklore, the indelible mark of the Classical repertoire, along with the best of modern rock music. This is music that hopefully will inspire others to follow their dreams, to venture outside their normal routines and begin climbing to the peak of their own mountain top!

After enjoying a successful career in establishing innovative and entrepreneurial businesses, James created DreamQuest Records initially as a platform to showcase his own music which has piqued the interest of independent film makers. Additionally, along with his close musical collaborator Clayton Sears, who acts as Music Director and Producer for DreamQuest, the Company will seek out fledging artists who show promise but lack the experience or resources to further their careers. DreamQuest hopes to develop and springboard the efforts of promising artists by providing them the opportunity to make music in a professional recording studio assisted by top caliber musicians who are performing with some of the biggest names currently in the music industry.

DreamQuest has a mission to create an environment and infrastructure in which new artists can directly and immediately benefit from the experience and wisdom of music professionals who have worn the path to success after many years in the business. DreamQuest is all about facilitating the artist’s journey from seed to fruit.


Let the Quest begin…

James and Clay are ready to receive your music.